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Best Anycast DNS providers

If you are looking for an Anycast DNS service to improve your network’s redundancy and performance, here you have some great companies that can help you. All of these 5 are leaders in the DNS industry and have excellent services. 

Let’s see the best Anycast DNS providers and why you should consider them.

Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS resellers

Do you want to expand your service portfolio with Anycast DNS? Yes, it is a wonderful addition to any web hosting company. It increases availability and improves the performance of the domain name resolution. You are considering including it into your services and adding extra value, but which DNS providers have an Anycast DNS resellers program? Here you have a few great ones!

Routing method

Anycast vs Unicast vs Multicast vs Broadcast

Routing communications on networks is a need! 

There’s a massive amount of data moving around every second. But data don’t travel randomly. They have an origin and must be delivered to a specific destination. So choosing the most convenient path for dispatching traffic is vital for efficiency and for avoiding chaos. Let’s see Anycast vs Unicast vs Multicast vs Broadcast.

Different types of routing methods have emerged to satisfy a wide variety of needs. 

Anycast DNS DNS

Anycast DNS – Everything you need to know

Routing methods types

There are a few options to send or receive data. However, every one of them owns different specifications, and they are implemented in different scenarios.