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Do you want to expand your service portfolio with Anycast DNS? Yes, it is a wonderful addition to any web hosting company. It increases availability and improves the performance of the domain name resolution. You are considering including it into your services and adding extra value, but which DNS providers have an Anycast DNS resellers program? Here you have a few great ones!


ClouDNS is a big provider of DNS services. Its been around for a while, so it already has a great network of nameservers, strategically located on some of the most important Internet interconnections in the world. Their packages include a lot of advanced features like Reverse DNS, DNSSEC, API, Geo load balancing, DNS monitors and failover, DDNS, and more.

What makes them great as an Anycast DNS reseller is the fact that they offer white-labeling services. You can put your brand on top of their services and offer it like that to your clients. You don’t need to mention ClouDNS.

They also provide vanity nameservers. That way, you can change the name of the nameserver with your company’s name. That way, it could look like that you own the DNS infrastructure.


You probably know Comodo for their SSL and TLS certificates, but they also offer DNS reseller service. They offer White Label services and bulk prices. You can combine some of the other services and products they have and offer them all to your clients.

With DNSComodo, you will also get an interesting set of premium features like unlimited DNS records, Geo load balancing, IPv6 support, vanity nameservers, DNSSEC, and active failover.

It also offers API for easy integration.

Big web companies like Hostgator and Networksolutions are using it to add value to their offers. So, it might be a good addition to your company too.

DNSComodo has servers in more than 25 countries that you can use for your Anycast network. They can provide excellent performance and withstand strong traffic.


We can’t miss DNSimple too. It is a great and uncomplicated Anycast DNS service provider that also has DNS resellers’ plans. They include typical features for a professional DNS service like a variety of DNS record types, simple DNSSEC installation, Reverse DNS, vanity DNS servers (in the Master Resellers plan), DDoS Protection, 2FA authentication, and overall strong security,

DNSimple has 26 points of presence that you can choose from and use.

This one is focused on companies that want to be domain name resellers and offer great availability.

DNSimple is a steady-growing company, so you could expect their services to improve in the future.

What you should consider with DNSimple is that its customer support is not the fasters. If you have a problem, you might need to wait a bit or fix it yourself, but this is common with smaller service providers.


There are good options if you want to be an Anycast DNS reseller. Choose one of the companies from this list, and you won’t be disappointed.

Bring additional revenues to your company with Anycast DNS, improve the quality of your service portfolio and provide a better overall experience for your client!

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