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Best Anycast DNS providers

If you are looking for an Anycast DNS service to improve your network’s redundancy and performance, here you have some great companies that can help you. All of these 5 are leaders in the DNS industry and have excellent services. 

Let’s see the best Anycast DNS providers and why you should consider them.


ClouDNS is a DNS provider with many years of experience. The company started in 2010 with only 4 servers available. Now they are 33! It has a wide portfolio of products with a lot of options for different scenarios. 

  • Anycast DNS in all paid plans. 
  • The starting price is 2.95 USD per month. 
  • Most of the plans don’t have limits on the number of DNS queries. 
  • Currently 33 Anycast locations. 
  • Strong presence in Europe, North America, and Asian Pacific. 
  • DDoS protection plans are also available. 
  • Advanced features like DNSSEC, 2FA authentication, DNS monitor and DNS failover, ENUM DNS zones, Dynamic DNS, etc. 
  • 24/7-support. The support team can also help with migration or crises. 
  • API support.


Another big DNS provider. This one is a bit pricier, but again it has a great set of services and features. Many big companies trust NS1 with their DNS network. 

  • Used by Fox, Salesforce, Linked In, and Dropbox.
  • With a great presence and performance in China too. 
  • Currently 26 points of presence. 
  • DDoS protection. 
  • Security features like 2FA authentication, role-based access management, IP whitelisting, DNSSEC, and more. 
  • 24/7-support via phone or email.
  • Provides tools for DevOps ecosystems via API. 


Cloudflare focuses on services that can be used to create a content delivery network (CDN). It uses a network of Anycast DNS to provide a great service to its customers. 

Anycast DNS – the foundation of a quality CDN service

  • A free and affordable package is available (20 USD a month).
  • A massive network of over 200 points of presence. 
  • DDoS protection with a theoretical maximum capacity of 90 Tbps.
  • Advanced analytics, role-based access, custom nameservers, Web Application Firewall (WAF), global and local load balancing, and more. 
  • 24/7 phone and email support (in the “Business” plan)
  • Offers an API for easy integration. 


DNSimple has the goal to make DNS management easy for the end-user. The company has been around 2010, and it has experienced steady growth.

  • Anycast DNS in all paid plans.
  • Economic plans are starting at 35 USD per year. 
  • Between 1 million and 5 million DNS queries per month, depending on the plan you choose. 
  • Up to 26 points of presence (Enterprise – 26, Pro – 15, Standard – 3) that you could use and up to 3 Anycast DNS Clouds. 
  • Advanced features like IPv6 support, Dynamic DNS support, Geo-based restrictions, monitoring, and failover. 
  • A phone and email support for customers, but not 24/7. 
  • An API is available.


EasyDNS has been operation since 1998. It offers both DNS hosting and Web hosting. It has limited features and a less-capable network than the rest on this list, but it offers excellent prices. This could make it interesting for startups and small companies. 

  • Anycast DNS in all paid plans.
  • The most economical plan starts at 6 USD per month, the “Professional” is 30 USD per month, and the “Business” is 300 USD per month. 
  • Unlimited DNS queries per month. 
  • 6 Anycast locations. 3 of them are in the USA. 
  • DDoS Defence, team access management, 2FA authentication, DNSSEC
  • Customer support with Slack app. 
  • An API for integration.


There are many small and medium-sized Anycast DNS providers. It is far more common to find a better price-to-performance ratio in some of their services portfolios than on the big cloud providers. Find a specialized company that is an expert in the area, and you will get better results and a smoother experience. 

We hope this “Best Anycast DNS providers” list helped you! 

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