Anycast DNS

Benefits of using Anycast DNS

Anycast DNS – What is it?

Benefits of Anycast DNS are numerous. It provides multiple servers, all of them positioned in various geographical locations that store a particular IP address. The DNS records for a domain name are copied on not one but several servers. Depending on your needs, you are able to choose how many servers to store your information and improve your overall presence.

With Anycast DNS, the server that is nearest to the user will respond to the request. If a particular server is down for some reason and is unable to answer requests, the others will handle the workload. Thus, your website will remain reachable.

How does it work?

Anycast network routing can route arriving demands across many data centers. Every request appears in a single IP address that corresponds with the Anycast network. From there, the network distributes the data depending on the priority. Selecting the data center nearest to the user and reducing latency are the main factors for choosing an appropriate data center.

Benefits of Anycast DNS 

Configuring it is easy. 

The task is to set up only one IP address. Next, share it among the servers in your network.

For international businesses, it is perfect. 

With Anycast DNS, applications, services, or websites worldwide can guarantee excellent performance and fast DNS resolution in each location in the world.

Scalability is based on your demands. 

Typically, you can change the number of the servers depending on your traffic and performance needs. Yet, everything depends on your provider. With cloud DNS providers it is even easier and flexible with different subscription plans.


Anycast DNS is one of the best methods for load balancing. The network with multiple servers allows the traffic to be spread among them. Successfully it could also control spikes. 

Security is improved

DoS and DDoS attacks can apply separate methods, but the usual part is they apply significant amounts of traffic as a weapon to flood victims. Usually, technology to prevent and protect against such attacks is complicated and expensive. Considering that Anycast DNS is great for load-balancing, the unusual traffic could be spread on the network, and it won’t be a problem. Your protection will be much more robust adopting this effective method. Don’t underestimate the safety of your website.

Excellent redundancy for your website. 

There are different reasons for a server to shut down, such as attacks and failures. Although holding a robust network with properly configured servers reduces the chance for all of them to be down at the same time. You are able to rely on owning an excellent up-time, without any doubt such benefit will reflect right in your earnings.

The quick answer to DNS requests. 

As we mentioned earlier, it doesn’t matter the location from where the requests were made. All of them are going to be answered through the shortest and quickest route. 

The latency is reduced to the minimum. 

Users won’t wait a long time to load and reach your website. Additionally, the user experience is improved.

Why should you use Anycast DNS?

In case you have an international business online or service, you desire fast speed and reliability in all of your locations. Nobody wants angry customers that cannot reach your website. Anycast DNS maintains the traffic efficiently and provides outstanding experience at various locations. Improved network turns into more satisfied clients and more sales. 

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